We have a supply of about three hundreds varieties of Italian wine.

Our restaurant and courtyard are located in a fashionable corner of Minamiazabu, Tokyo.

Please enjoy the mariage of wine and seasonal

Japanese and Italian ingredients in a relaxing atmosphere at Casa Vinitalia.

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  • 2022.06.03Notice of price revision

    Thank you for always patronizing Casa Vinitalia. At Casa Vinitalia, we have unavoidably decided to revise the price due to the rise in raw materials costs, transportation costs, COVID-19 measures, etc. – From June 1, 2022 – Course: Change to JPY 12,000 / A la carte: JPY 200 to JPY 300 price increase We apologize for the inconvenience. We will continue to provide services that will satisfy you, so we hope you will understand.
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June 2022
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Please confirm the holidays for this month on the calendar.
Besides Our regular holiday on Monday, we may be closed regular business day due to party or temporary closure. We'd appreciate if you can take this into your consideration.

Regular holiday and temporary closure

Tel 03 5439 4110
17:30–22:00/LO 23:30close(Sat Sun 12:00–20:30/LO 22:30close)
Closed on Mondays

of the month

  • Jun

    Monthly combination

    Stinco d'Agnello

    Stewed lamb shank with couscous

    4,800(tax included)


    Primitivo di Manduria 2017, Lirica

    Puglia red wine

    1,600 (Glass)(tax included)

  • May

    Monthly combination

    Ftitto di Grongo

    Conger eel fritter with smoked onion and summer truffle

    6,100(tax included)


    A.A Pinot Nero Riserva "Mazon" 2018, Hofstatter

    Alto adige red wine

    2,200 (Glass)(tax included)

  • Apr

    Monthly combination

    Pici ai Gamberetti

    Pici pasta with sakura shrimp, rocket and dried tomato

    3,000(tax included)


    Etna Bianco Contrada Monte Gorna 2019, Nicosia

    Sicilian white wine

    1,500 (Glass)(tax included)

  • Mar

    Monthly combination

    Asparagi Bianchi Gratinati al Forno

    White asparagus gratin with black truffle

    4,400(tax included)


    Collio Bianco ”Zuani Vigne” 2015, Zuani

    Friuli white wine

    1,800 (Glass)(tax included)

  • Feb

    Monthly combination

    Piccione Arrosto

    Roasted Pigeon with leek

    6,000(tax included)


    Chianti Classico Riserva 2014, Borromeo

    Toscana red wine

    2,000 (Glass)(tax included)

  • Jan

    Monthly combination

    Risotto con Latte di Pesce e Tartufo Nero

    Clam broth and chicory risotto
    with roasted soft roe, black truffle

    5,000(tax included)


    I.G.T Rosso del Veronese 2017, L'Arco

    Veneto red wine

    1,600 (Glass)(tax included)

  • Dec

    Monthly combination


    Stewed red mullet with tomato fish soup with aioli sauce

    4,500(tax included)


    Salice Salentino Rosso 2017, Vecchia Torre

    Puglia red wine

    1,600 (Glass)(tax included)

  • Nov

    Monthly combination

    Fegato d'Anatra in Padella

    Foie gras steak and egg yolk with cheese
    and cauliflower puree
    con Tartufo Bianco (+10,000)
    with white truffle

    3,400(tax included)


    Soave Classico "La Rocca" 2011, Pieropan

    Veneto white wine

    2,400 (Glass)(tax included)

  • Oct

    Monthly combination

    Tajarin ai Scampi

    Tajarin pasta with scampi and butter sauce
    con Tartufo Bianco (+8000)
    with white truffle

    4,000(tax included)


    Friuli Isonzo Friulano "Dolee" 2017, Vie di Romans

    Friuli venezia giulia white wine

    2,000 (Glass)(tax included)

  • Sep

    Monthly combination

    Maiale Arrosto

    Roasted pork with chestnut

    4,500(tax included)


    Costa Toscana Rosso "Carignano" 2018, Ampeleia

    Toscana red wine

    1,900 (Glass)(tax included)

  • Aug

    Monthly combination

    Clam con Tartufo

    Clam and chanterelle mushroom with green soy beans puree

    4,200(tax included)


    Langhe Bianco “Monsordo” 2018, Ceretto

    Piemonte white wine

    1,600 (Glass)(tax included)

  • Jul

    Monthly combination

    Risotto alla Misticanza con Pesce Bandiera

    Herbs and vegetable risotto with roasted cutlass fish

    3,800(tax included)


    Collio Sauvignion"Ronco del Cero" 2018,Venica

    Friuli-Venezia Giulia white wine

    1,600 (Glass)(tax included)